Looking After Digital Always

Digital Marketing. Digital Branding. Digital Strategy. To be a successful organisation, you must engage in the digital world. Laya Healthcare needed to improve their digital user experience and undertook website improvements and partnerships to do so.

How Laya Healthcare Improved their Digital Marketing

The first thing Laya Healthcare needed to do was to develop their tone of voice. They needed to asses their customers and develop a tone of voice that would appeal to them. Take for instance Innocent Smoothies, a fun and quirky brand. Their tone of voice is quirky, fun and a bit tongue-in-cheek but it appeals to their customers. Their tone of voice is consistent from their website and social media right through to the text on their packaging.

Laya Healthcare felt they needed to redesign the website now that people were listening to what they had to say. Laya wanted to make navigating the website as easy as possible for their customers so they resigned the website to make it more mobile responsive. We Are Social reports that “the number of unique mobile phone users around the world has just passed 50% of the world’s total population” with 2.95 billion active mobile internet users. With people doing most of their internet browsing on their phone, it’s no wonder Laya Healthcare placed importance in optimising their website for mobile. Sales increased by nearly 2,000 % because of the newly mobile responsive website.

Infographic by We Are Social

The organisation focuses on their desktop website  as well as mobile. Their url is crisp and clean; there’s no random and letters to confuse the user which in turn adds to the credibility of such a high risk investment.

Laya Healthcare did an audit of what was working and what wasn’t. It was of the utmost important to the organisation that they give members a good online experience, that the desktop website is easy to navigate and pleasant to use. The menu bar is clear and easy to navigate and there is no clutter on the page. The website is very appealing to the eye and allows you to get a quick insurance quote without having to jump through hoops like logging in to do so. They also developed a member’s area for existing customers to log in and keep track of their information and claims as well as developing an app to download on your phone, making it easier to make a claim.

The ease of navigation and appealing layout reminds me of the Aer Lingus website. It incorporates easy menu navigation a member’s area, and is also mobile optimised. Similar to Laya’s quick insurance quote system, Aer Lingus allows potential customers to check for flights without having log in either.

Laya Healthcare is also working with an Irish start-up called Webdoctor improving the customer’s experience further by offering reliable, accurate and accessible medical information. The difference here in comparison with using other web based medical services, is that these doctors are based in Ireland and understand the Irish healthcare system. Laya customers can get accurate information and advice from  doctors at no extra cost.

What really makes Laya Healthcare unique is their content hub. When it comes to digital marketing, content creation is essential! Laya links real people with real topics like celebrity nutritionists, or health bloggers writing articles on healthy eating. This allows Laya to interact and engage their customers on a regular basis where as engagement and interaction sometimes only happened  when a customer was making a claim.


Laya Healthcare has understood that in the era of digital marketing, as Laya’s Digital Brand Manager, Doreen O’Mahony said, “People don’t want to be sold to, they want to be inspired.” When Laya undertook the website redesign and start-up partnership, they  had the customer in mind staying true to their tagline, Laya are ” Looking After You Always”.