Viva la (Internet) Revolution!

Recently  Jackie Dawson of the Kinsale 7’s spoke of how the internet has changed the events industry. She lists video, photography, websites, social media and email as crucial tools to arm yourself when going online and uses Facebook, Twitter, Websites and E-mail to communicate with participants and attendees.

Event Management has drastically changed since the adoption on the internet, most promotional tools are online and some people rely on the internet for all of their event promotion. I have looked at relatively new music festival 96/1 to see how they are using digital techniques to promote.

Image designed by Sarah Mackey Media

96/1 is a music festival that has 96 original bands and artists play on one weekend for the past 2 years.  The aim of the festival is to promote the live music scene in Ireland. They hope to have 60% of acts from Cork and the rest from around the country. This event creates a free music trail around Cork City incorporating a number of bars on the last weekend of August.

Events always incorporate a hashtag, 96/1 is no different. #96over1musicfest was used across their Facebook and Twitter to allow attendees upload their experiences as they were happening. There was multiple venues to choose from to see live music. Bars and venues that hosted the live music shared videos of what was happening along with attendees. 96/1 then shared the videos on their page. Because you can’t be everywhere at once, this was a great tactic to get a taster of what was going on elsewhere.

Professional videography is also a very important aspect of online communications. Jackie Dawson mentioned video as an important tool since the adoption of the internet and says to invest in a professional video. 96/1 produced a documentary about the festival itself and an after movie to show how successful the festival was. An after-movie was also produced which reminds attendees about their experience and provide non-attendees an idea of what it was like to be there and perhaps, go next year.

Websites have always been used as a traditional promotional technique but has evolved into a different use now. Websites were primarily used for sources of information and points of contact but Facebook has took over that role. Websites are now seen as a way to reinforce credibility.

Traditionally, newspapers would review an event. This is still on going, but other reputable websites do too and can direct people back to your website or page, increasing popularity. These external websites could issue the call for bands to play the gig. Before the internet, you would have to rely on offline promotional techniques like posters, newspaper ads, word of mouth and press releases etc. Attendees become reviewers and recruiters too, mostly using social media.  Social Media allows your message to be carried further because of it’s ever growing popularity

The internet has also allowed crises to be managed better. A realistic crisis to occur are bands unavailable to play the event at last minute. Thanks to the internet, this can be fixed quickly. In real time you find the problem and solve it by issuing a Facebook post and spread the word that you need a band. Before, you would have to rely solely on the contacts you had.

The Event Management Industry has changed phenomenally since the adoption of the internet. A lot of activities have moved online such as recruitment and promotion. It is important to keep up with the trends in online promotion techniques to ensure you don’t lose touch with your audience. The digital world is ever changing and it is more important now than ever before, to change with it.


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