Live Streaming: A critical tool in Event Management

Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you were at an event? When was the last time you were part of the event management team? I don’t mean physically, I mean virtually. For me? It was October 28th 2016.


Live Streaming isn’t a particularly new phenomenon in event management. News and sports stations have been live streaming current events and sports matches for years to our televisions. Now live streaming is recorded on mobile devices to mobile devices. It has grown exponentially in recent years since we took control of what we want to see.

Paving the way in the event management industry with live-streaming was Youtube live leading the way and along came Google hangout, Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope. Events are often  limited in capacity. The people behind them are constantly trying to increase the number of people attending so why not stretch into the cyber  realm as well?

Cork City radio station Redfm, recently won a prestigious radio award and wanted to celebrate in style. They held celebrations in the Metropole Hotel Cork City and invited Irish band  “Picture This” down to play. Redfm used Twitter’s periscope to  live-stream the event. People that weren’t  at the event could still attend (virtually of course) because of the live stream. When the live-stream finished, it saves as a video on their Twitter profile so non attendees can watch post-event and attendees can re-live it and perhaps, spot themselves in the video.

Go beyond event management with live-streaming

Live-Streaming is not just for event management. Lots of movie stars, T.V personalities and music artists host live Q & A’s using Facebook Live. Arrow’s Stephan Amell and spoken word artist Scroobius Pip, both frequently host interviews with their fans. Fans can comment with questions to ask which appear in real time on the celebrity’s feed. A really cool feature of this is that when the video saves afterwards, people’s comments appear at the time they were posted throughout the duration of the video.

I feel Facebook trumps Twitter on live-streaming because of its integration of the process. Twitter does not have Periscope integrated into its app, meaning a person must download it separately  to use it. With Facebook, its integrated meaning a person can use it with as little effort as possible. Some may not see an issue with download Periscope separately to use it but but a major drawback is that people may not have the storage space to do so, or they just don’t want another app clogging their phone. There’s already enough applications to compete with so why not make it as attractive as possible to the consumer.

People are constantly on their smartphones, checking in to places, checking out places, scrolling through news feeds and timelines, liking, commenting, sharing re tweeting which can sometimes make event management difficult, or revolutionise it. Most people are always connected to the internet and less inclined to leave their homes especially when the weather isn’t favourable, so why not bring your event to them. While they’re scrolling through their news feed and timelines why not make them stop to look at something a bit different? It could be the decider in them attending your next one.

Live streaming isn’t a new phenomenon in event management but it’s popularity these days is. No event runs without a hashtag and soon no event will run without a live-stream but this is already happening on a smaller scale with snapchat, where people record 10 seconds of an event to send to their Snapchat friends. To be successful with live streaming, you need a good wifi connection to get connected and a great event to keep people interested.











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