Risk is the Name of the Game!

Photo from eir spiders.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the eirspiders digital innovation workshop at the Clarion Hotel in Cork City and I was delighted with the knowledge I took away with me. I for one, was hesitant of taking risks when it came to the digital world, but now? Bring it on!

Head of Google Marketing Solutions for Ireland, Marie Davis, Head of Digital Strategy at Tinderpoint, Paul O’ Byrne and Head of Digital with eir Business, Iris Daly enlightened us with their knowledge for the first half of the session. The second half of the event introduced Co-founder of Pundit Arena, Richard Barrett and Head of Marketing at Red Fm, Stephan Ryan. Marianne Kelly, Marketing Communications Manager at eir Business gave the opening address with CNN anchor and emmy award winning veteran Gina London moderating. All speakers spoke with such expertise and class. All gave valuable tips and insights on how to succeed in the digital industry, but two speakers in particular left a lasting impression with me and these were Paul O’ Byrne of Tinderpoint and Richard Barrett of Pundit Arena.

As I said earlier, I am not as afraid of taking risks as I once was before. That is because of the treasure trove of information I left the eirspiders event with. My key takeaway from these two talks consists of two words, one sentence: Take. Risks.Read More »